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65/33/2 meta-aramid/Lenzing

FR/antistatic fabric
Product Code: BFCZ-275
COLOR: Orange,yellow, blue
WEIGHT: 160g
WEAVE: Twill
WIDTH: 1.5m

Product Details

Lenzing FR Regenerated Material is Permanent and Inherent Flame Resistant the Hand Feel is as Soft as Cotton. It’s Mainly Used for Fire Fighter Clothing Police Uniform Rescuing Clothing Work Wear of Gas and Oil metallurgy and Welding etc. also Can Be Used for FR Underwear and Flight Suits.
Lenzing/aramid flame resistant fabric
1) Composition: Lenzing FR /aramid /Antistatic
2) Weight: 160gsm
3) Width: 150cm
4) Color:  Orange,yellow, blue
5) Primary end uses: protective apparels fire-fighting suits Flame proof glovesinsulation materials.