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100% para aramid knitting fabric

Product Code: BF-K-05
WEIGHT: 200g
WEAVE: interlock
WIDTH: 220m

Product Details

Para-aramid knitted fabric.


1) Composition:  100%para-aramid
2) Fire resistant, high temperature resistant, can heat up to 300degree.
3) Weight: 200gsm
4) Width:220cm
5) Can make according to customer’s requirement
6) Construction: interlock
7) Certificate: EN ISO 11612:2008, EN ISO 11611:2007, EN ISO 14116:2008

We use the excellent Meta-Aramid Fiber, Lenzing FR Fiber, Protex Fiber. The Knits Vary on Construction, Composition, Weight, etc.  Final Products, Such as Underwear, Hood, Inner Linning, Insulation Layer, etc are made from the knits.